Adam Taylor, Electroparts Ltd

Adam Taylor, Electroparts Ltd I am employed by Electroparts Ltd, which is an sub-contract electronics company that deals in cabling/wiring and Printed circuit boards (both plated through hole and surface mount) My current job role is Team leader. It is my job make...

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Seth Hargraves, Abraham Moon & Sons

Seth Hargraves, Abraham Moon & Sons. I currently work in the Testing Lab at Abraham Moon & Sons, testing many aspects of the cloth’s quality including tensile strength, colour fastness, and pilling to name but a few.

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Courtney Spencer, W T Johnson & Sons

Courtney Spencer, W T Johnson & Sons. I work at WT Johnsons & Sons on the night shift as a cloth finisher in the dry department operating the cutting machine and deco-fast on a daily basis.

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Alice Turner, Banana Moon

Alice Turner, Banana Moon. I work at Banana Moon which is a personalised clothing company working in embroidery and print decoration.

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Alex Rank, Camira Fabrics

Alex Rank, Camira Fabrics. I work at Camira Fabrics as a warp preparation technician. This entails replacing the warps in the looms as they have been woven out. This can be done in 2 ways.

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Jenny Holloway’s enthusiasm for her chosen profession is infectious in particular her passion for developing skills and training in the Fashion & Textiles industry.

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