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Abby Jessup, Anita Massarella

I work at Anita Massarella who is a couture designer based in Leeds. I am a design Assistant and Seamstress. I work alongside the team making up bespoke garments for our clients. I have been able to learn a wide range of skills in every aspect of designing and making couture clothing.

The apprenticeship has made me gain knowledge in my industry and enabled me to work closely with experts to further my skills and increase my confidence.

I think it will make a difference in the future as I have gained experience without learning.

After finishing my apprenticeship, I have been able to stay at Anita Massarella in a full time job. I have however been looking at furthering my education and completing a higher-level apprenticeship whilst staying at Anita Massarella.

Now I have finished my apprenticeship I am going to carry on learning my craft. My ultimate ambition is to own my own brand and create couture clothing for woman. Ensuring they look and feel amazing.

I have been looking into higher-level apprenticeships focusing in more bespoke clothing and enabling me to learn more about pattern drafting and cutting.

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