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Courtney Spencer, W T Johnson & Sons

I work at WT Johnsons & Sons on the night shift as a cloth finisher in the dry department operating the cutting machine and deco-fast on a daily basis. I completed my level 2 Apprenticeship in manufacturing textile products with The Textile Centre of Excellence.

I am currently working towards my Advanced Apprenticeship in Manufacturing Textile Products.

Taking this apprenticeship has widened my knowledge in textiles and helped me to understand the different departments and processes.

I also believe I will continue to learn more and more in textiles as I am currently learning about the different parts of the textile supply chain.

I believe it has help improve my ability at work as I can recognise faults that occur from outside the company and know why that fault is there which helps me in my job.

The best thing about it is you’re getting paid while gaining an education and learning interesting things about the textile industry.

I was offered a permanent position while taking my level 2 apprenticeship and also have gone on to further learning by taking my level 3 apprenticeship.

I think working here is going very well and I am doing well with managing my coursework and achieving most of my deadlines.

I am working hard to complete my level 3 apprenticeship and if the opportunity comes I may go into further training after completing it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my apprenticeship and enjoyed learning new things and being challenged with my assignments.

I would recommend an apprenticeship to any person I know, as not only are you learning on the job but you’re getting paid at the same time and also you learn a lot more about the textiles industry, more than you would if you was just to get a job. I find textiles very interesting and would not want to work in a different industry.

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