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Course Overview:

This qualification aims to provide candidates with the skills needed to work within a practical, textile manufacturing job role. The programme enhances the skills and knowledge of those who work in any textile business.

The qualification was developed by Employers in the textile manufacturing industry and meets the needs of all types of manufacturing disciplines. Learners must show their competence by applying their knowledge and skills while carrying out a range of work activities.

Candidate Suitability:

Ideal for candidates that are working in the industry with little or no formal training, as well as those looking to work in textiles manufacturing.

The programme is ideal for those looking to work (or already working in) areas such as blending, scouring, carding, spinning, twisting, warping, weaving, dyeing, finishing, testing and lab work.

Course Outline:

This competence based qualification is made up of individual units that create a fully accredited programme.

Candidates are required to complete at least 5 units from a list of 11 to meet the criteria for achievement, collecting ‘credits’ for each unit they complete. There are 2 mandatory units that all learners must complete during the programme.

Course Units:




Candidates must achieve a total of 27 credits to achieve this course (8 of which are already taken by the Mandatory Units)

Unit Titles Unit Ref Credits
MANDATORY: Health, safety & security at work K/502/1072 3
MANDATORY: Maintain quality of production within textiles, leather & materials T/502/1074 5
Maintaining the work area for manufacturing textiles products F/601/9984 5
Maintain textiles machinery and equipment D/601/9989 7
Carry out quality control procedures during textile production F/601/9998 7
Prepare for textile processing (operations) L/602/0006 7
Produce textile products F/602/0018 7
Carry out manual textile operations Y/602/0025 7
Control the efficiency of textile production H/602/0027 7
Receive, store and organise materials for processing K/602/0031 7
Package manufactured products M/602/0032 7


Course Delivery:

This programme is delivered using a range of taught sessions and assessment. The Centre’s assessment team will deliver the majority of this programme on client site. Occasional attendance at the Centre may be required.

The programme will be delivered by industry specialists, approved by the awarding organisation (ABC Awards).

Course Assessment:

Candidates will produce a portfolio of evidence (coursework) throughout the learning programme. This portfolio will be used to assess the learner’s competence and will be verified by the awarding organisation through external moderation.

Progression Opportunities:

Candidates who achieve the Level 2 qualification can progress to the Level 3 Certificate in Apparel Manufacturing Technology, if their job role is sufficiently challenging and varied to meet the unit requirements.


This programme must demonstrate competence over a sufficient period of time which can be within 6-8 months. If this programme is part of an apprenticeship, the overall framework will take a minimum of 12 months.

Costs and Funding:

This course is available on a commercial basis. The cost is between £1,000 and 3,450.* Funding may be available for eligible candidates. Where full funding can be apportioned, the Centre will endeavour to find funding support the costs of this programme.

This course can be converted into an Apprenticeship.

Enquire:  To make a general enquiry about this course, or to book, please contact us.

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