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I attended the Second International Conference For Creative Pattern Cutting at The University of Huddersfield’s 3M Buckley Innovation Centre.

The second international conference was designed to promote contemporary research into the art of creative pattern cutting and its significance to the fashion industry. The conference provides a platform for pattern cutters, fashion designers, students and educators to explore the impact and direction for creative pattern cutting.

The conference:

  • Encourages discussion of new methods and techniques in creative pattern cutting, inspiring technical and design innovation.
  • Develops ways in which the fashion industry promotes pattern cutting as a career, emphasizing its creative integrity and magnetism.
  • Enhances ways in which tacit knowledge and the making process are considered as legitimate forms of research enquiry.
  • Promotes equity for the roles of the creative pattern cutter and the fashion designer in terms of esteem and renumeration.
  • Balances debates about the knowledge and practical experience of traditional processes in the context of technological and digital development.

Introduction to the day Dr Kevin Almond/Chair

Sponsors/ Lectra/London and Paris

‘A new era in fashion and Apparel product development’

Lectra have designed and established initially a 2D pattern making internet training programme and secondly a 3D version.
This has been co-designed with Businesses but is being rolled out to Universities and Colleges.

Followed by sessions from Key note speakers from the UK and worldwide such as New York and New Zealand

Reflection of the day:

The day had a core sense of dealing with and understanding waste/sustainability and the relationships/communications between Depts for Product development and fits both in the UK and off shore, with an undercurrent of needed change and value for heritage. How to teach todays learners and tomorrows innovators.

Each speaker often came to reoccurring issues from varying perspectives, each with their own pedagogical and practical research culminating in success and highlighting possible limitations.

Commonly the next step change would be to overcome the problems to enable each individual concept to be replicated on mass.
Overall the day was thought provoking and insightful, the mere fact that people are thinking and striving towards change is exiting and encouraging.

I will be certain to make time in my diary for the third conference in 2019

Ruth Farrell

01484 346500

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