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The Centre has had great successes with its traineeship programme this year. It has allowed the Centre’s staff to work with a number of local companies to offer work placements to the learners. This has helped to give them valuable work experience and in some cases, they have secured full time employment.

As a Traineeship provider, the Centre looks for the best work placements for our trainees, where they can obtain a positive experience. All the trainees are supported throughout the whole course, making sure they get everything they need. The Centre offers training in Maths and English where trainees require additional literacy and numeracy skills (usually aimed at those learners with GCSE grades below a ‘C’).

Alex, 17 said “I have enjoyed doing the Traineeship course, it has been a lot of fun. I have developed my communication and attitude skills. I feel as though I have really grown up since I came to the Textile Centre of Excellence. I am happy I did the Traineeship course because it led to a really good work placement and I was even offered a part time job doing something I have a passion for. I am now work ready and I couldn’t be happier.”

Michael, 23 said “I have enjoyed coming to the Textile Centre of Excellence to do the Traineeship course. I have been able to do my Functional Skills Maths and English, which I would not have been able to do if I had not done a Traineeship course. I have got a work placement at M&S in the retail section and I am really enjoying it. By doing my work placement here I have been able to develop my people skills and also my confidence. I can see a future for me in this industry so I am really happy.”

The Centre’s next Traineeship course will be running in June 2017. If you think the Traineeship course could benefit your business or you have the scope to offer a free work placement, please contact Lee Harrison (Training Team Manager) at the Centre on 01484 346500.

01484 346500

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