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The Centre currently has four young trainees who need a work placement. Can your company provide a good quality working environment for a trainee? If so, then have a read of the Centres trainees profiles below and see if you can help.

Jameel Shahid, 18 years old, lives in Moldgreen, Huddersfield. Jameel is currently doing the traineeship programme and is looking for a work placement in IT. He enjoys repairing and building computers for a hobby and would love to gain further experience in this area to hopefully get an apprenticeship in IT.

Katelyn Sykes, 18 years old and lives in Huddersfield. Katelyn is looking to work as a chef as she has a great passion for cooking and wants to learn new cooking skills and is very creative. She is hoping to get some work experience and then go onto become an apprentice chef.

Cameron Woods, 18 years old, lives in Huddersfield and is looking to work in customer service/ business admin. Cameron is currently on the traineeship programme and has demonstrated excellent communication skills as well as good customer service skills. He is looking for work experience in this area to help him get an apprenticeship.

Connor Armitage, 23 years old, lives in Lockwood, Huddersfield. Connor is looking for work experience in manufacturing. Connor has had experience in the past working in warehousing and would love the opportunity to pursue this as a career.

If your company has any placements available, please contact Geeta Sidana at the Centre on 01484 346500

01484 346500

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