Adam Taylor, Electroparts Ltd

I am employed by Electroparts Ltd, which is an sub-contract electronics company that deals in cabling/wiring and Printed circuit boards (both plated through hole and surface mount) My current job role is Team leader. It is my job make sure that the work is started on time (managing and monitoring the resources needed to enable the product to go out to the customer on time. I am also a IPC trainer, who trains soldering processes to the team.

I undertook the Level 3 diploma in management and the Level 3 Apprenticeship in Team leading/supervisor.

The difference between when I first started the apprenticeship and now, is huge, I am more confident within my role and I feel that the various things that I learned throughout my time on the course helped me and will continue to help me moving forward throughout my work-life.

Both management and my team have noticed a big difference in myself and how  my communication, organisational and leadership skills have improved. I truly believe that this is down to my time preparing for assignments and professional discussions and bringing them into my everyday working practices.

I have more responsibilities now than I did at the beginning of the course. I have been more involved with the development of my team on a more formal basis, implementing training plans, smart targets and setting up training builds for individual needs. I now conduct more 1 to 1 meetings as well as team briefs.

Both myself and management believe that things are going well. Productivity and skills are rising monthly. My manager wanted me to come out of my comfort zone and I believe that I have, I am now doing team briefs, whereas before the apprenticeship, I didn’t think I was capable of leading a team brief or meeting effectively due to confidence and communication issues.

I always like to challenge myself, therefore, if any opportunities to train further for my role or any other role presented itself, then I would take them.

When I began the apprenticeship, my communication and management skills were lacking and I wasn’t really confident. I really wanted to try and do the best that I could, not just for me, but for my family as I was sacrificing a lot of time with them to do the apprenticeship. My managerial knowledge has grown so much, that now I can apply different things to work, when doing 1 to 1’s I can apply the difficult conversations, constructive feedback and motivate. When allocating work, I look more ahead now and apply time management/risk techniques more effectively and this allows me to allocate tasks but also think of any risk that may present itself; also delegation has also benefited me. Don’t get me wrong, there has been low times, where I have had bouts of low confidence and motivation due to various things, but with the amazing support of my tutor (Katy Baker) who was always there to assist me when needed, giving me the confidence and the motivation that I needed, the support got me through it. The whole apprenticeship has been great and I am so glad that I did it because I have grown so much from it, both professional and personally and have made myself proud but most importantly, I have made my family proud.

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