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The Centre has excellent facilities available for the industry to use (rent) for professional CMT (cut, make and trim). It also provides training through apprenticeships, job seeker programmes and specialist provision on a case by case basis. Contact the Centre to enquire about using the facilities:

·         Renting industrial sewing machines for your own business using your staff

·         Renting workshop space for your own business using our staff

·         Garment design support where appropriate

·         Bespoke training to meet individual needs

Button Wrapping Machine

 Juki Pocket Flap Machine

Jack Lockstitch Machine

Rotundi Trouser Leg Press

Rotundi Touch Up Press

Rotundi Utility Press

Rotundi Shoulder Press

Rotundi Collar Master Press

Rotundi Semi-automatic Press (Front Panel)

Rotundi Semi-automatic Press (Back Panel)

Oshima Fusing Press

Global Pocket Machine

Global Bar Tacking Machine

Global Blind Hemming Machine

Brother Coverstitch Machine

Juki Zig Zag Machine

Jack 4 Thread Overlocking Machine

Global Lockstitch Machine

Pfaff Sleeving Machine

AMF Machine

Global Buttoner

Global Button Hole Machine

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