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The Eco Innovation Programme was launched in 2008 and is part of the EU’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme.

It was established to bridge the gap between research and the market by helping good ideas for innovative products, services and processes that protect the environment become fully-fledged commercial prospects. This not only helps the EU meet its environmental objectives but also boosts the competitiveness of Europe’s SMEs.

Eco-innovation is about reducing environmental impact and making better use of resources. The 5 main strands of the initiative are:

  • Materials recycling and recycling processes;
  • Sustainable building products;
  • Food and drink sector;
  • Water efficiency, treatment and distribution;
  • Greening business.

Projects supported through the Eco Innovation initiative must be beyond the research stage or post-prototype and be viable propositions in the long term.

More information on the Eco Innovation initiative can be found at:

01484 346500