TCBL is a major EU-funded project that aims to transform our industry and bring production capacity back to Europe by applying new business approaches which support local design and production, reducing our sector’s impact on the environment.

Around the world, customers are increasingly choosing clothes based on their ethical and environmental credentials and demanding more personalised and customised products. New commercial technologies and production processes offer opportunities to create innovative new business models that can harness the creative energies of local communities to meet those customers’ needs in a fast-growing, global market.

However, for most people and most companies, opportunities to adopt new methodologies are restricted by everyday business pressures. Acting alone, the cost and risk of experimentation is simply too high.

TCBL will introduce and support new approaches to product design, production and sales, creating new ‘laboratories’ for design and manufacturing including partnership activity focussed on specific localities, TCBL’s ‘Associates Programme’ will engage the wider community to establish:

  • A network of ‘Business Labs’ based on emerging markets and trends, to illustrate the potential for creating new business models;
  • ‘Business Pilots’, featuring real enterprises of different sizes, drawing ‘roadmaps’ of transition from traditional to new business models based on new commercial and production technologies;
  • Virtual Knowledge Spaces and a variety of customised Business Services to support all aspects of Lab and the Pilot operations.

TCBL will issue Calls for Expressions of Interest in January each year from 2016 to 2019 and will also support a number of new business start-ups from 2017.

TCBL is an open project with people and organisations working together for a more sustainable and competitive business world.

  • Are you currently exploring new materials or designs and interested in new ways of working?
  • Do you have an idea for a new enterprise? Are you running a business and interested in trying out new ideas?
  • Do you offer business services like training, market analysis, matchmaking, crowdfunding, or anything our Labs and Pilots could use?

Why not become part of our movement?

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