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The project involves the design and implementation of a new ICT based training programme providing fashion export marketing skills. Key activities include developing the curriculum, piloting the training and the delivery/networking platform/portal which will also share advice, experience and concerns and employment opportunities.

The project will establish a cross-sector qualification to a European standard. Each of the partners will pilot test the curriculum with 20 individuals for and conduct evaluation which will help to finalise the programme.

Start and Finish Dates: October 2015 – March 2018

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Lead Partner: The Hellenic Fashion Industry Association (Greece)

Other Partners:

GNOSI (National based Development Agency), Thessaloniki Greece

TEXFOR (Textile Industry Confederation), Catalonia, Spain

Technical University of IASI, Romania

Euratex, Brussels


The Centre will be involved in the following activities:

03 Skill Needs Analysis (Questionnaires) – participating

07 Design of the Qualification – participating

08 Curriculum Framework Development – Leading (only us)

09 Developing Course Content – Leading (4 others)

14 Pilot testing the Diploma/Cert – participating (testing content with 20 people)

15 Report on testing phase – participating

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