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The Textile Centre of Excellence is a not for profit, membership based organisation. It serves the needs of the textile and apparel manufacturers across the UK.

It is the national Group Training Association for textiles, fashion, apparel and technical textile manufacturers and suppliers. Currently, the Centre has 92 member firms across the UK.

As a member of the Textile Centre of Excellence, you can access the following benefits:


A seat on our Management Committee, providing guidance and representation for your organisation’s interests;

Full voting rights at our AGM on Board Director nominations and approvals;

Ensuring that the Centre represents the best interests of the manufacturers across the sector;

Federated membership of the UKFT – the UK voice for the industry (we hold two board positions);

Access to Euratex – the representative body for European textile and clothing issues – we are its lead partner in the UK;

Access to Climate Change Levy programme via UKFT at discounted rates.


Access to local, regional, UK and European funding for sector related skills, between 50% and 100% in some cases;

Funding support for capital investment, R&D and skills development using the latest funding frameworks;

Funding clarity – support with bid writing, matching services and assistance to secure public funding;

Experts in funding for apprenticeships and vocational programmes that can react to the changes in your business needs;


A one-stop shop for industry support on skills including apprenticeships, vocational training, bespoke and niche provision;

In-house Business Development team to explore the skills needs of your business and support all training requirements;

A wide range of nationally accredited programmes across 10 occupational areas from office work to commission weaving;

Delivery of short, bespoke, niche provision in your workplace to meet the demands of your business;

First stage candidate skills assessments for new recruits.


Member-only recruitment service for job adverts and apprenticeship recruitment;

Initial advertisement, application sifting, first stage contact, interviewing, screening and referral processes for members;

Legal advice on apprenticeship recruitment, trial periods and contract of employment;

Access to Pre-Apprenticeship Programmes for learners prior to undertaking a commitment to employment;

Free advertisement for members’ adverts through our social media, websites, online platforms and local job centres;


(Prices for commercial/sample work on request)

Technical workshop featuring warping and weaving facilities

Fully equipped textile testing laboratory

Access to the world’s first weaving system for 3-Dimensional Weaving for R&D project and product development

Access to the world’s first Laser Plasma machine for fabric surface enhancement projects and product development

Access to our industry approved textile testing laboratory including tensile strength, abrasion, light-box, FR and colour;

Access to our forensic laboratory for anti-counterfeiting fabric testing using our unique DNA sequencing

Access to our Cut, Make and Trim unit for apparel clothing production.


Access to the Centre’s state-of-the-art conferencing facilities (rooms available to hire – prices/room sizes vary);

Video conferencing, hearing induction loop and fully disabled friendly Conference Centre – all on one level;

Five star food hygiene rating from Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council with on-site catering facilities for all occasions;


Opportunity to access our free ‘Health and Safety check’ (1 hour) undertaken by our Safety Consultant & Advisor;

Information on new developments and new opportunities via the Centre’s newsletter;

Free health & safety training day for any apprentices registered with the Centre’s apprenticeship scheme;

Expert help to identify opportunities for public/private financial support through Government initiatives;

Support with tender applications and bid writing for Government schemes, as appropriate;

Authorised use of the Centre’s two logos for the Centre and the GTA membership on Letterheads and formal documents.


Average 15% saving on the prices of all commercial programmes – strictly for member companies

Advice and assistance with the training of your employees;

Advice and assistance with the recruitment of employees for apprenticeship programmes;

From induction and craft training to supervisory, management development and leadership skills training;

Fully funded apprenticeship training for your 16-18 year old employees / Part funded for your 19+ year old employees;

Qualified, expert help to design and deliver in-company staff development programmes;

Access to a full range of Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare services at discounted membership rates;

Access to a full range of Information Technology training services at discounted membership rates.


Membership of the Textile Centre of Excellence is based on two classifications: Full Membership or Associate Membership;

Full Membership is available to companies that operate in the textile manufacturing supply chain;

Associate Membership is available to all other companies, subject to approval by our Board of Directors;

The Centre operates a standard fees structure based on company size;

Full Centre Membership is £200 + £8 per employee per annum;

Associate Membership is based on the same pricing structure but does not entitle companies to vote at the AGM;

Membership is divided equally into 4 smaller payments and invoiced at the start of each quarter;

The Centre is governed by the Memorandum and Articles of Association and guided by our Board of Directors.

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