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Course Overview

Most employers fully appreciate that the success of an organisation relies almost entirely on its employees. However, finding the right number of employees with the necessary abilities and attitudes – and then keeping them – requires skills and knowledge, which can sometimes be undervalued, overlooked or simply rushed.  Recruitment and selection has a vital role to play in ensuring effective and efficient employee performance and positive organisational outcomes.

Candidate Suitability:

This one-day event is aimed at small firms and organisations, and line and team managers in larger organisations.

Course Outline:

  • Recognise the importance of complying with organisational recruitment policies and procedures.
  • Have been made aware of the legal aspects of recruitment.
  • Have explored different methods of attracting suitable applicants for posts within their own area of responsibility.
  • Have had the opportunity to discuss methods of short-listing from applications received.
  • Have explored methods for select the most appropriate individual, following the selection process and ensuing fairness and equality.
  • Have discussed different methods of advising applicants of the outcome of the selection process, and recognise what records may, or should, be kept at each stage.

NB:  Attendees will be asked to bring along examples of their own organisations documents used in the recruitment and selection process to facilitate comparison and discussion during this event.  Typically this may include: Job Description, Person Specification, Job Advertisement, Application Form, Interview Selection Form, etc.

If you are interested, please contact the Training Team on:

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